Articles in peer-reviewed journals

(2024). Pieces of the Puzzle: Coalition Formation and Tangential Preferences. West European Politics 47(1): 61-87. (with Patrick Dumont, Indridi H. Indridason, and Daniel Bischof) [pdf]

(2023). Women Who Win but Do Not Rule: The Effect of Gender in the Formation of Governments. Journal of Politics 85(4): 1562–1568 (with Alba Huidobro) [pdf] [blog post]

(2023). Double-edged Bullets: The Conditional Effect of Terrorism on Vote for the Incumbent. British Journal of Political Science 53(1): 183-203. (with Jordi Muñoz and Roberto Pannico) [pdf]

(2022). Collective Decision Making and the Economic Vote. Comparative Political Studies 55(5): 757-788. (with Raymond Duch) [pdf]

(2021). The Political Dynamics of Portfolio Design in European Democracies. British Journal of Political Science 51(2): 772-787. (with Ulrich Sieberer, Thomas Meyer, Hanna Bäck, Andrea Ceron, Isabelle Guinaudeau, Martin Ejnar Hansen, Kristoffer Kolltveit, Tom Louwerse, Wolfgang C. Müller, and Thomas Persson) [pdf]

(2020). Unexpected Event during Survey Design: Promise and Pitfalls for Causal Inference. Political Analysis 28(2): 186-206. (with Jordi Muñoz and Enrique Hernández) [pdf] [appendix] [replication] [website]

(2020). Choices that Matter: Coalition Formation and Parties' Ideological Reputations. Political Science Research and Methods 8(2): 285-300. (with Pablo Fernandez-Vazquez) [pdf]

(2020). The Political Geography of Government Formation. Party Politics 26(2): 91-106. [pdf]

(2017). Show Me Your Friends: A Survey Experiment on the Effect of Coalition Signals. Journal of Politics 79(4): 1454-1459. (with Jordi Muñoz) [pdf]

(2014). The Legislative Dynamics of Political Decentralization in Parliamentary Democracies. Comparative Political Studies 47(6): 820-850. (with Francesc Amat) [pdf]

(2014). The Use of Control Mechanisms in Coalition Governments: The Role of Preference Tangentiality and Repeated Interactions. Party Politics 20(3): 341-356. [pdf]

(2014). Portfolio Allocation under Decentralization. Publius: The Journal of Federalism 44(1): 205-225. [pdf]

(2013). Coalition Trading in Spain: Explaining State-Wide Parties' Government Formation Strategies at the Regional Level. Regional & Federal Studies 23(4): 387-405. (with Tània Verge) [pdf]

(2013). The Arithmetics of Partisanship and Policy Outcomes in Parliamentary Democracies. Cuadernos Económicos del ICE 85: 81-104. (with Francesc Amat) [pdf]

(2013). Uncertainty, Complexity, and Gamson's Law: Comparing Coalition Formation in Western Europe. West European Politics 36(1): 221-247. (with Indridi H. Indridason) [pdf]

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(2012). Parties Getting Impatient: Time Out of Office and Portfolio Allocation in Coalition Governments. British Journal of Political Science 42(2): 393-411. [pdf]

(2011). Minority Governments and Budget Deficits: The Role of the Opposition. European Journal of Political Economy 27(3): 554-565. (with Ignacio Jurado) [pdf]

Other articles

(2011). Portfolio Allocation and Time Out of Office in Coalition Governments. Juan March Institute, CEACS, Estudio/Working Paper 2011/254: 1-36.

(2011). Els Votants No Ideològics a Catalunya (1991-2010). Ajut a la recerca ICPS 2011.

(2010). Legislative Bargaining and Decentralization: Evidence for 15 OECD Parliamentary Democracies. Nuffield College Working Papers in Politics 2010-03. (with Francesc Amat)

(2010). Dones i Representació Política: Permanència en els Càrrecs, Nivell i Tipus de Responsabilitats (1977-2008). Col.leccions CiP, Informes - ICPS 3: 1-73. (with Maria Luria i Roig)

(2009). A Political Look into Budget Deficits. The Role of Minority Governments and Oppositions. Documentos de Trabajo FUNCAS 464. (with Ignacio Jurado)

Chapters in edited books

(2014). El Pacto CiU-ERC, in Rodon, Toni and Lluís Orriols (eds.) Cataluña en la Encrucijada: Las Elecciones Catalanas en 2012. Barcelona: Marcial Pons.

(2014). Aragón: La Política de Bisagra en los Acuerdos de Coalición, in Reniu, Josep M. Los Gobiernos de Coalición de las Comunidades Autónomas Españolas. Barcelona: Atelier/OGC.

(2013). Preferences for Political Coalitions in Spain, in Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio and Elias Dinas, Voters and Parties in the Spanish Political Space. London: Routledge.

(2013). El Reparto de Poder en los Gobiernos Autonómicos de Coalición: La Ley de Gamson en España (1980-2010), in Reniu, Josep M., Pactar para Gobernar: Dinámicas Coalicionales en la España multinivel (pp 177-204). Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch.

(2013). Estrategias de los Partidos de Ámbito Estatal en la Formación de Gobiernos Autonómicos, in Reniu, Josep M., Pactar para Gobernar: Dinámicas Coalicionales en la España multinivel (pp 97-125). Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch. (with Tània Verge)

Book reviews

(2012). Josep M. Reniu (2012). Sistema político español. Barcelona: Huygens Editorial, in Revista Española de Ciencia Política 30.

Work In Progress

Do left-wing policies fuel far right success? (with Ignacio Jurado and Markus Wagner)

Do coalitions between established parties benefit the radical right? A regression discontinuity approach. (with Pilar Sorribas-Navarro)

Identifying the causal effect of terrorism on voting behavior: Evidence from multiple unexpected terror events during surveys. (with Jordi Muñoz and Roberto Pannico)

Pieces of the Puzzle: Coalition Formation and Preference Compatibility. (with Patrick Dumont, Indridi Indridason, and Daniel Bischof)

Electoral manipulation in a consolidated democracy? RDD evidence from Spanish local elections. (with Pilar Sorribas-Navarro and Jordi Muñoz)

Young politicians in government formation processes. (with Alba Huidobro)


When the Median Legislator Matters: Redistribution and the Investiture Vote. (with Francesc Amat)

Defending the Coalition Agreement in Parliament. (with Joan-Josep Vallbé)

Live Together, Die Alone? The Disparity of Partners' Electoral Fortunes in Different Coalition Governments.

Decision-Making in Coalition Governments: Compromise and Compartmentalization Nested in a Prisoner's Dilemma.


(2011). Coalition Governance: Causes and Consequences. Barcelona: PhD Thesis Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (Supervisors: José M. Maravall & Javier Arregui)


Projects as PI

“Global Threats and Democratic Responses: From COVID-19 to Climate Change (GTDEMO)”. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. 2021-2024. (with co-PI: Jordi Muñoz)

“The Political Impact of Terrorism (IPOLTERROR)”. Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities. 2018-2021.

“From political polarization to affective polarization? Experimental evidence on the origin and implications of political polarization”. International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP). 2021-2022 (with co-PI: Jordi Muñoz)

“Political and Attitudinal Effects of Terrorism (EPOLTERROR)”. Spanish Centre for Sociological Research (CIS). 2016-2017.

“Parties, Parliaments and Policy-Making: Explaining Policy Change in Parliamentary Democracies”. Center for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences (CEACS), Juan March Institute. 2012-2014.

Projects as member

“The politics of portfolio design in European democracies”. German Science Foundation (DFG). 2021-2024 (Principal Investigators: Thomas M. Meyer and Ulrich Sieberer)

“COVIDEMO: The Effects of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Democracy”. RecerCaixa - “La Caixa”. 2021-2023 (Principal Investigator: Francesc Amat)

“GENEQUAL: The Political Economy of Gender and Inequality in the Spanish Judiciary”. RecerCaixa - “La Caixa”. 2020-2022 (Principal Investigator: Joan-Josep Vallbé)

“The Democratic Dilemmas of the COVID-19 crisis”. RecerCaixa - “La Caixa”. 2020-2021 (Principal Investigator: Jordi Muñoz)

“Limits to Political Corruption: Media, Party Systems, Civil Society and Citizens”. RecerCaixa - “La Caixa”. 2017-2019 (Principal Investigator: Pilar Sorribas-Navarro)

“Comportamiento Electoral y Políticas Públicas (ELECPOLPUB)”. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. 2014-2016. (Principal Investigator: Joaquín Artés).

“¿Merece la Pena Pactar? Determinantes, Rendimientos y Estrategias Multinivel de los Acuerdos de Coalición Autonómicos en Perspectiva Comparada”. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. 2014-2016. (Principal Investigator: Josep M. Reniu).

“Observatori dels Governs de Coalició”. AGAUR - Catalan Government. 2014-2016. (Principal Investigator: Josep M. Reniu).

“Social Innovation on Active and Healthy Ageing for Sustainable Economic Growth (SIforAGE)”. European Union Research Project (FP7-SIS). (Principal Investigator: Javier Tejada and Antoni Font)

“Spatial Models in Political Science”. Center for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences (CEACS), Juan March Institute. 2010-2012. (Principal Investigator: Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca).

“Coalitional Agreements and Government Formation, 1979-2009”. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation 2011-2013. (Principal Investigator: Josep M. Reniu).